Should You Consult an Astrologer About Your Wedding Date?

Should You Consult an Astrologer About Your Wedding Date?

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Are you the bride who grew up trusting her horoscope like it had the life and love-guiding powers of Oprah? We've told you the best time of year to get married based on your zodiac sign, but for the even more cosmically-concerned brides among us-you could consider consulting an astrologer before you decide on a specific wedding day.

This practice of meeting with a Hindu priest in order to analyze astrology and determine the most auspicious wedding ceremony date and time is a standard practice in many South Asian cultures. Now, however, checking the stars before sending out save the dates has become part of a larger trend of "electional astrology," a method of examining the positions of planets at the time of momentous occasions and decisions in a person's life, reports Refinery29.

Leisa Schaim, an astrologer who offers said electional consultations for weddings, explained to R29 her process of making wedding day star charts for couples.

First, she asks the engaged pair for their wedding date or wedding date range, time, and location. Next, she tracks the planets to determine where they'll be at the time of marriage. Schaim says Venus, the planet of love, is her first celestial concern. As "there are certain signs that channel Venus's warm-and-fuzzy energy particularly well," Schaim explains to R29. "Venus in Taurus, Libra, or Pisces is nice. Venus is not as good in Scorpio or Aries." She also mentions that Venus is "exalted" or especially influential in Pisces, so these signs make naturally good wedding hosts. Meanwhile, Aries and Scorpio have trouble with the idea that love "is patient" and "rejoices in the truth." As R29 puts it, "Aries is more closely associated with rapid decisiveness than it is with measured, thoughtful actions" and "Scorpio energy can lead us to hold back our feelings, rather than share them openly."

Even the least-informed of horoscopes could probably guess that Mercury and Venus retrogrades aren't ideal for wedding charts. Schaim said a Mercury mishap could signal "logistical issues or communicational slip-ups on the day of," and a misbehaving Venus could resurge "old feelings that are better off staying in the past" since "on your wedding day, you probably want to be focused on the future of your relationship."

Next, Schlaim looks to the moon, the placement for which is an "emotional backdrop" for the day. As with Venus, it's positive if the moon is in the sign that it rules (Cancer) or the sign in which it's exalted (Taurus). "Ideally, the moon is a sign that sets the desired mood for the day," summarizes R29. "Maybe you want your wedding to be a huge party and not a solemn event. In that case, having the moon in a gregarious sign like Leo would be perfect for your big day."

For her next move, Schaim views "which sign rules the first house of new beginnings, the aspects between the planets, and how the wedding's chart compares to the birth charts of each person in the couple." Schaim also specifies that only a bonafide electional astrologer will be able to determine the more detailed points of a wedding chart. Encouragingly, Schaim does admit she refuses to talk couples out of a wedding date.

"I don't want to scare people," she said, as most of the time, the implications of the planets aren't necessarily ultimate deterrents anyway. As R29 notes, "Sure, the day might go more smoothly if Mercury is direct and the moon isn't in an unpredictable sign like Scorpio, but those details are not deal-breakers. If anything, your wedding day's chart can give you a better idea of how the ceremony and reception will go (and it's a fun keepsake to revisit on your anniversary)."

Yay for more-informed planning! Who knows? Had star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet just Yelped Verona's top electional astrologer and spoken to him or her about their date, maybe things would've played out differently…