Couple Does Totally Rad '80s-Inspired Engagement Photo Shoot

Couple Does Totally Rad '80s-Inspired Engagement Photo Shoot

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Every year we patiently await the list of award-winning engagement photos to be released. But we know one couple that definitely made our cut: Rose Collins and John Martin's '80s engagement photo shoot.

To clarify, Collins and Martin are actually a modern day couple who decided to use the retro style of photography in 2019 to share the good news of their engagement with their friends and family.

This type of behavior is reportedly so them. “Given the option we usually do something silly," Collins told BuzzFeed News of the unique (and hilarious) idea.

The Fort Wayne, Indiana, couple dated for three and a half years before Collins followed the very 2019 trend of proposing to Martin. “He squealed, 'Oh my god, yes,'" Collins said.

When it came time to decide how they would spread the word-like most funny Internet things-Collins found inspiration on Reddit. A user shared their parents' engagement photos, and she immediately asked Martin if he wanted to send “fantastic, awkward '80s engagement announcements.”

"His response was 'f*ck yes, we are doing that,'" she explained to Buzzfeed.

After a visit to Goodwill and an order from Amazon, the bride- and groom-to-be were ready for their moment on set. During a visit to their photographer friend in Florida, Matt Dutiel was more than willing to take their photos for them. "They are really fun and quirky, so it was not a surprise at all when they shared their vision for their engagement photos," Dutiel tells BRIDES. "I always love the opportunity to try something fun and different, so I immediately agreed and got to work planning how we would do the photo shoot. "

The shoot was complete with bad wigs, oversized glasses (which are weirdly still on trend today?) blue eyeshadow, and so much plaid-AKA it was a success! They urned their photos into cards and sent them to their family and friends. The card even gave them fake, very dated jobs at companies that have since gone out of business: Collins is apparently a stewardess at PanAm Airlines and Martin is the assistant manager at RadioShack.

Matt Dutiel

Matt Dutiel

Matt Dutiel

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Despite their silly shoot, Collins said she and Martin, “take each other very seriously.” According to the announcement they are planning a wedding for July 2021.

Collins said, “I'm really glad I found someone who is as ridiculous as I am.”