Wedding-Night Sex Moves

Wedding-Night Sex Moves

It's hard to imagine, but in a few months-maybe even weeks-your wedding will be behind you. You won't be engaged to that gorgeous guy anymore; you'll be his wife. As you leave the reception, you'll likely be rehashing every detail of your big day. Your new husband, on the other hand, will probably be thinking about one thing and one thing only: hot, steamy wedding-night sex.

"If you're ever going to go all out or try something new, now's the time," says Sadie Allison, the San Francisco-based author of Ride 'Em Cowgirl! Sex Position Secrets for Better Bucking, who has a doctorate in human sexuality. "What better wedding gift could you give each other?" Even if you've been intimate for years, your first time as husband and wife should be special. Since your to-do list is long enough without adding "come up with sensational new sex positions," we've done the legwork for you.

A word of advice: Topping off your wedding night with a big, orgasmic bang is a noble goal, and we're hoping it happens. But don't beat yourself up if you're too tired to do it. That's what honeymoons are for! With Dr. Sadie's help, we've rounded up some moves guaranteed to make the night you say "I do"-or at least the week after-as memorable as the shindig you spent all those long months planning. Get ready to consummate.

The Move: Missionary Plus

The wow factor: 3 of 5

The difficulty: 2 of 5

The how-to: Add this erotic twist to the traditional guy-on-top position: You lie on your back, and he lies directly on top of you, so you're face to face. Instead of stretching your legs out on the bed, pull them up and over his shoulders. You can lock your ankles behind his neck for stability.

The benefits: You'll get lots of intimate eye contact, plus deeper penetration than with plain old missionary sex. Push a pillow under your rear end for perfect G-spot stimulation.

The Move: Down 'n Dirty

The wow factor: 4 of 5

The difficulty: 2 of 5

The how-to: You lie face down on the bed, and he lies directly on top of you and enters you from behind. If he's not hitting the spot (so to speak) right away, try tucking a rolled-up towel or a small pillow underneath your pelvis to slightly raise your hips; this should help you find the ultimate angle.

The benefits: Lots of skin-on-skin action. Plus, it just feels naughty.(Tip: The tighter you clamp your legs, the more friction you create.)

The Move: Lap Dance

The wow factor: 4 of 5

The difficulty: 2 of 5

The how-to: He sits in one of those cushy hotel chairs, and you climb onto his lap, straddling him with your legs slightly bent. If it's a big padded seat, you may be able to kneel (and control some of the action). On a smaller chair, your legs will dangle over the sides.

The benefits: No messy covers to get tangled in, lots of visual stimulation, and the fact that you're doing it anywhere other than the bed automatically makes it adventurous.

The Move: Star Gazing

The wow factor: 3 of 5

The difficulty: 4 of 5

The how-to: He lies on his back, and you lie directly on top of him so that both of you are facing the ceiling-or, if you're really feeling daring, the stars. You can place your legs outside of his to balance your weight. The movements will be small, and mostly driven by him (if either of you gets too enthusiastic, he could easily slip out). Squeeze your PC muscles as he thrusts, and move your legs wider and closer together until you find the combo that feels best.

The benefits: He'll love you taking the driver's seat, for one. More important, you'll both have access to all of your most sensitive parts.

The Move: Vanity Fare

The wow factor: 5 of 5

The difficulty: 3 of 5

The how-to: You stand facing that opulent hotel mirror and he stands directly behind you, his hands holding your hips. Bend over seductively to support your upper body on the desktop or bathroom counter.

The benefits: You've worked your tail off for the past few months to be in the best shape of your life, so why not enjoy the view? And because he's leaning against you for balance, he can use his hands to explore your every inch-and you both get to watch all that steamy action.