Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Spotted for First Time Since Royal Wedding

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Spotted for First Time Since Royal Wedding

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Post-royal wedding season has officially begun. On Monday, two days after the most lavish nuptials of the year, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were photographed for the first time in public since they got married. The photo in question was snapped by the UK's Daily Mirror, which caught them "beaming" as they drove back to Kensington Palace.

In the photo, they're both wearing large sunglasses, and are dressed much more casually than the tux and Stella McCartney gown they changed into for the reception (a.k.a. the last time most of the world got to see them). The new Duke of Sussex is wearing a bracelet and an aqua button-down, while the new Duchess of Sussex has opted for a beige-and-navy top or dress. By the way, just because she's a royal now, doesn't mean she has any plans to ditch her signature messy bun. And are those the same Cartier earrings she wore at the wedding? That's not a complaint, FYI-if this were us, we'd never take them off. (Ditto with that stunning tiara.)

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Despite the newlyweds' laid-back looks, they are not, in fact, on their way to Namibia for their honeymoon. As Kensington Palace announced earlier this month, they will not be jetting off immediately to their post-wedding vacay. Instead, they'll be staying around the Palace for another week or so, catching up on royal engagements. It's not clear what those might be (the Royal Diary has yet to publish any upcoming events for the Duke or Duchess of Sussex), but whatever's in store, we hope they're well-rested after the wild, pizza-filled festivities at Frogmore House.