Baltimore Ravens' Jeremy Zuttah Changed His Wedding Venue Last-Minute

Baltimore Ravens' Jeremy Zuttah Changed His Wedding Venue Last-Minute

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Many couples dream of getting married at the courthouse-forgoing the traditional wedding and opting for a simpler, more intimate experience. Baltimore Ravens player Jeremy Zuttah and his fiancГ©e, Heran Haile, were no exception to that rule-and had planned to wed at Baltimore City Hall. But when they found out that one of the bridal party members wouldn't be allowed to attend due to his, well, non-human status, they decided to change their venue so that he could.

The 30-year-old NFL player and his new wife, who reside in Hoboken, N.J., are the puppy parents of a pit bull named Ace. The dog clearly holds a special place in the couple's heart, as they were set on the idea of Ace serving as a groomsmen (because why wouldn't he be?). Originally, they had wanted a small ceremony at City Hall in Baltimore with Ace present, but due to the fact that the government building wouldn't allow animals inside, they had to relocate, according to People. Instead of their city hall nuptials, the couple found a gym in downtown Baltimore at 10 Light Street, according to the Baltimore Raven's website, and they converted the space into a beautiful wedding venue-all for their pooch!

The pair, who met at Rutgers, wanted to say "I do" in Baltimore because of their love for the city. "We decided to get married in Baltimore because it's been in the headlines recently for not great things, which we think is a shame because the city is beautiful and the people are beautiful," Heran said. "This is a great city that people should not knock down," they shared on the Ravens' website. And with that love for the city came their passion for their pup being there to celebrate, no questions asked.

"I just could not imagine getting married without him. He's with us every day everywhere we go. I thought everyone was crazy about their dog like I am," Haile said. Her new husband echoed her sentiments, as the two are major advocates for dog adoption and rescue, noting that the pup was in the bridal party albeit not the best man-but for good reason. "He wasn't the best man because he can't speak," the football player joked on Zuttah's team's website. "You have to do a speech at the reception." TouchГ©, Zuttah.

Even though Ace wasn't able to speak during the reception, the cuteness overload that ensued when he walked down the aisle in a tux with Zuttah's brother was enough to seal the deal for a venue switch. Check out the adorable video and photos below of his now-famous walk down the aisle.