Olivia Wilde Opens Up About Her Surprisingly Simple Home Life with FiancГ© Jason Sudeikis

Olivia Wilde Opens Up About Her Surprisingly Simple Home Life with FiancГ© Jason Sudeikis

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Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis are still holding off on making their union official, but they certainly act like an old married couple! The long-time fiancГ©s, and parents to 10-month old Otis lead a surprisingly low-key life.

The actress admits that she loves cooking for her future husband, who is particularly easy to please when it comes to meal times. "I just made risotto like 10 minutes ago. I like to cook, but I also have the easiest audience in the world," Wilde told People. "My fiancГ© Jason Sudeikis has no sense of smell - he was born without it - so he thinks everything I cook tastes amazing! It really builds my confidence."

That's right, Sudeikis can't taste or smell, but we're sure the homemaking Wilde still whips up tasty meals for her little family. When they're not enjoying quiet meals at home, Wilde and Sudeikis can often be found doing an unlikely activity.

"Jason got me a huge Scrabble board for Christmas that's on a lazy Susan," Wilde says of her favorite game-night activity. "All the pieces are huge, and now that I'm an old person, that really helps my elderly eyesight."

We think it's adorable how she and her soon-to-be husband have settled into a relaxed home life since their son's arrival last year. And speaking of little Otis, the new mom cannot stop gushing about her baby genius. "He's so smart and just plays the piano all day long," Wilde told Us Weekly. "He's really musical so we're trying to encourage that."

When the pair do finally tie the knot, maybe we can expect a special performance from their adorable son!