10 Things You Can't Forget to Do the Morning of Your Wedding

10 Things You Can't Forget to Do the Morning of Your Wedding

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There's more to the morning of your wedding than makeup applications and mimosas (and you thought the hard part was over!). Luckily, these wedding planners have you covered with a list of last-minute to-dos that will make the entire day more enjoyable.

1. Trade Heels for Flats

"You'll most likely be wearing heels all day, so savor the moments your feet can relax," says Ashley Espinal, owner of Dulce Dreams Events in New York City. "Flats and a beautiful bridal robe will make you feel like a million bucks."

2. Give Your Cell Phone One Last Charge

"Not only will you be receiving phone calls and texts from family and friends," says Espinal, "but most of your important day-of information will be stored there-maybe even your vows!"

3. Don't Skip Breakfast-or Lunch

"Start the day off on the right foot with a healthy, if light, breakfast," says Janice Carnevale, owner of Bellwether Events in Washington, D.C. "And make a plan in advance for someone to either pick up or deliver lunch, as this will likely occur during your getting ready time."

4. Make Time for Your Parents

"This is a big day for them, too," Carnevale says. "Some brides are now doing a 'first look' with their dads, so consider that idea."

5. Designate a Bridesmaid for Cleanup Duty

"Assign someone to tidy up the getting ready room before the photographer arrives," Carnevale says. "Get those unsightly lunch leftovers and dry cleaner bags out of the background of your photos."

6. Pop in a Playlist

"Nothing sets a tone like music," says Courtney Wolf, wedding director at Invision Events in Atlanta, Georgia and Birmingham, Alabama. "And listening to your favorite Katy Perry ballad while getting ready is just plain fun!"

7. Pen a Love Letter to Your FiancГ©

"Write a candid, in-the-moment note about marrying him on this day," Wolf says. "It will be fun to sit down on future anniversaries and feel those giddy emotions all over again."

8. Pack a Makeup Bag

"Have your makeup artist bring extras of the colors they use for you to touch up later," Wolf says. "Make sure they'll fit in your clutch."

9. Clean Your Ring

"Never is your ring going to get more up-close and personal," says Victoria Canada, owner of Victoria Canada Weddings & Events in Scottsdale, Arizona. "So make sure it is shining like the star it is!"

10. Drink Water-Lots of Water

"Start early," Canada says. "No, you are not going to bloat. But it is better to drink it early rather than later. Going to the ladies' room in a wedding dress is a skill that is worthy of the Olympics."