Real Women Weigh In: Would You Accept a Proposal Without a Ring?

Real Women Weigh In: Would You Accept a Proposal Without a Ring?

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It used to be that a proposal wasn't complete without a little something sparkly. But times are a-changing. So we asked seven women whether they'd say "yes" without an engagement ring. Here's what they had to say.

"I would absolutely accept a wedding proposal without a ring. I have not dated a man in years who is not grown and fully capable of purchasing a ring by the time we wed, so it is not a concern. Besides, I would rather help him pick it out - or have it designed." - Shannon

"I'd actually prefer to accept a proposal without a ring for three reasons: One, it's not possible for someone to pick out a ring for me. I can't even pick out a ring for myself until I try it on. And if I hated it, I'd have to pretend I loved it. Two, the ring would distract me from the fact that the love of my life is asking me to marry him - and that's the important part! And three, I don't want my partner spending money on a ring I might not even like that I have to wear for the rest of my life." - Elly

"I would not accept a proposal without a ring because I wouldn't take it seriously. I don't know if he is in the heat of the moment or what. If he has purchased a ring, then I know he is serious. I can't think of a reason why I would accept a marriage proposal without a ring." - Zondra

My fiancГ© and I are a bit adventurous and head-over-heels in love with each other. One Thursday night after we kept joking about how we want to get married we met up later at the Empire State building where he proposed to me without a ring. I accepted because I love him dearly and a ring has a sexist tradition in some ways - but most of all it's because we are millennials. It's not the item that is of value for us - it's the experience. When I mention my fiancГ© and I am not wearing a ring, I do get funny looks. But I would rather my other half and I went to dinner or a show than him spend a ridiculous amount of money on something I will inevitably lose." - Hannah

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"Although the ring does hold traditional symbolism, to me, the ring (and the engagement ring especially) is less important than the prospect of spending a life with another person. Your answer should be based on the person, not the ring." - Sarah

"If a man can't afford to start off our marriage by doing what is required to make it official, he doesn't deserve me. In addition: I'm a traditionalist when it comes to heterosexual relationships. The man is the head of the household. He is the leader of our family, the provider, and spiritual leader. Failing to offer a ring when asking for my hand in marriage indicates he is not ready to take on those responsibilities. It's a weak way to start a marriage, and if a woman doesn't require a man to do certain things, such as put a ring on it, it will be downhill from there." - Stephanie

"I wouldn't just accept a proposal without a ring - I'd prefer one without it. I think a ring is a stupid waste of money, and would much rather have a fiancГ© who wants to spend money on meaningful experiences together, like traveling, rather than meaningless things, like a piece of jewelry. In other words: keep the ring! I'll take the three-month honeymoon." - Eva