Should I Still Participate in the Bouquet Toss If I'm Single?

Should I Still Participate in the Bouquet Toss If I'm Single?

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Weddings are mostly about the newlyweds, but there are a few moments that turn the tables onto their single friends, instead. Yup, we're talking about the bouquet toss. It's tough enough being single at a wedding, surrounded by couples in love, and it's even more tough when you have to join the other non-married gals on the dance floor to wrestle over a bouquet. So, do you have to participate at all? Our experts weigh in.

When the DJ or band leader calls for all of the unmarried women to head to the dance floor so the bride can toss the bouquet, your instinct might be to head to the bar or the ladies' room to avoid being singled out. The good news is, there's no need to hide at all! No matter your relationship status, if you don't want to participate in the bouquet toss, it's totally up to you. (After all, elbows and stiletto heels can be dangerous, even if you're trying to stay on the fringes of the crowd!)

As soon as the bouquet toss is announced, however, keep an eye on the dance floor. If your friend is having a small wedding or doesn't have very many single guests, you may want to find a spot that's on the dance floor, but not in the line of fire, to show support and fill out the crowd a little bit. If you're a bridesmaid who isn't already engaged or married, you really shouldn't skip this tradition - your matching dress is a dead giveaway that you're part of the bride's squad, so take one for the team! That doesn't mean you have to actually try to catch the bouquet, though. Instead, fill out the group but steer clear of anyone who seems extra eager to catch the coveted flowers so you don't accidentally get tripped or stepped on.

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