Should You Really Spend Money on Lingerie For Your Honeymoon?

Should You Really Spend Money on Lingerie For Your Honeymoon?

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Have you ever slipped something sexy on underneath your clothes, eager for the end of your date when your significant other will surely gaze at you with cartoon-big eyes, only to find he takes off that pricy, lacy lingerie without a second glance? It's enough to make any woman never want to waste the money again - even for her honeymoon. But before you decide to scratch lingerie off and add boy-shorts to your packing list, consider a few expert points.

"You should still pack lingerie for your honeymoon," says sex expert Nikki Ransom-Alfred. "Lingerie makes you feel sexy, and the sexier you feel the sexier and more adventurous you will be in the bedroom. Also, lingerie can make sex hotter and more exciting, which results in better erections, a more intense sex session, and stronger orgasms." What's not to like about that?

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If you're worried your new husband will still pass over your lingerie to get straight to the main event, take time before you purchase anything to see what he might like.

"Get a feel for his tastes and his opinion on your lingerie and other sexy-wear so you'll know what will really turn him on," Ransom-Alfred says. "Different items will affect different men in varying ways, and clothing that turn men on can range anywhere from a simple matching bra and panty set to fishnet bodysuits, silk lace nighties and crotchless panties." If you want to guarantee he'll stay tuned in for the show, consider letting him pick out an item or two. "This way, you know that you are buying and wearing what he wants to see and will pay attention to."

And don't toss anything you buy after he's seen it - you'll get your money's worth by wearing it again. "Ladies should definitely invest in a lingerie wardrobe, from mild to wild, to keep things exciting and fresh in the bedroom long after the honeymoon," Ransom-Alfred says.