Joe Jonas Reveals the Wildest Things That Happened at His Bachelor Party

Joe Jonas Reveals the Wildest Things That Happened at His Bachelor Party

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Sophie Turner has some major partying to do at her bachelorette party with BFF Maisie Williams in Spain if she wants to keep up with husband, Joe Jonas!

The DNCE frontman and his brothers Kevin and Nick Jonas admitted during a joint appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday, June 12, that things got a little out of hand during their sibling's bachelor party in Ibiza.

In a game called “Know Your Bro”, Fallon inquired about the group's pre-wedding shenanigans.

“What's the wildest thing that happened at Joe's bachelor party?” he asked Kevin, 31, and Nick, 26, as 29-year-old Joe sat next to them with headphones on.

“Where do we start?” Nick responded. “We had the cops on the first night called on us three times.”

“True story,” Kevin interjected.

According to the “Jealous” singer, the trouble all began when the groom-to-be ripped off his shirt in a nightclub. “He proceeded to rip off two of his friend's shirts in a nightclub," Nick explained.

And that wasn't all. "Joe took a cardboard box for 1942, the tequila, and somehow cut it into a bandana, so it just said '1942' across his forehead," his younger brother explained. "And he wore that on a boat all day long.”

In addition to his famous family members, the groom, who married the Game of Thrones alum in a quickie Las Vegas wedding ceremony in May, was joined by Joe's DNCE bandmate Cole Whittle and Danielle Jonas's brother Mike Deleasa as they partied on the Mediterranean island.

“Joe wanted to celebrate with his friends and family and is doing so on a yacht,” a source explained to Entertainment Tonight.

Celebrate, he did: Once Joe was allowed to remove his headphones on the late night talk show, he confessed that he didn't remember much of anything from his wild boys' trip-except for the fact that they got the cops called on them three times.

“How's the year 1942 for you?” Fallon cracked, to which Joe answered, “Oof. Strong.”

It's a slightly different scenario than the one Nick told E! News's Jason Kennedy he envisioned for his brother in May 2018: “It is going to be respectful,” he assured of the party. “Very respectful."

Turner, meanwhile, who is set to walk down the aisle for the second time this summer in France, has been hitting the streets of Benidorm, Spain, this week with her closest gal pals in a multi-colored wig and plenty of bridal accessories.

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